30 Jan AFFest Japan 2018 – Roll In

The main purpose of our Japan trip wasn’t Tokyo Auto Salon. It wasn’t to eat the tastiest and most amazing food. No, that was the bonus. The entire trip was mentally preparing for and running our 2nd annual AFFest Japan at ATC Hall in Osaka. We learned quite a bit from last year and hoped to improve on how we did things. It also helped that we had a couple more people with us to help facilitate some of the roll in process. So with that, let’s start!

Our morning started at 4am. Slowly getting up in the morning after finally going to sleep at 2am… leads to a very groggy start to the day. But we had to get up or everything will start running late and we can’t have that happen! By the time all was said and done all 4 of us were out of the house by 5:30am. Thankfully our Air BnB was somewhat nearby. So it was a simple 20ish minute drive out to ATC Hall from where we are. Not to shabby. Some of our helpers and staff had already arrived and were just waiting for us to figure how best to help. So to divi up the work, the japanese staff helped to mark car spots while the rest of us helped to setup booths and the AutoFashion flags around the venue. Then it was time for Vendor roll in.

I swear Japanese people are efficient and understand what they need to do during events. They come into their area, drop off their booth and/or car to the spot, if they trailered one in, and then back out they go. They really make it super easy and simple for us event coordinators to get along with the rest of the vendors until everyone is settled. They know exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done quickly. Going to some events out here sometimes, I swear it takes people so long to setup their booth when it should be so simple.

Roll in as a whole though was very easy for us. As many of us don’t speak japanese, our role was just to make sure they had a number and that was pretty much it. Super simple on our part but only because the Japanese people that were helping us as whole made it really easy. They were able to direct traffic to a staging area, only letting vendors in initially, then letting in groups A, B, etc. It made for such an easy time. Also with the additional ATC staff watching us like hawks, we really couldn’t do anything but be efficient.

Please enjoy these roll in photos and soon, the rest of the event will be up and available for everyone. So sit tight! Once I finish all of mine, our good friend Suu from Japan will also have his pictures available as well. So enjoy a lot of AF Fest coming at ya!