07 Feb AFFest Japan 2018 – Part 3

With this last post, I really want to highlight many of the winners of the event. I know there’s some cars in the gallery, so please view those pics there. This post will be mainly for the winners as they do deserve it. The competition there is pretty fierce as there’s a lot of “complete” builds. Exterior, interior, audio, motor, wheels, suspension; everything gets covered in Japan. It’s kind of inspiring. On top of it all, many of them go beyond the norm. Like look at the gallery and check out the 2 RX-7’s. Both, way above the norm and something you probably wouldn’t see stateside. No. Fucks. Given. At all. 

But enough about the cars, look at these winners. They’re all amazing and definitely deserve it as their cars were top notch in so many ways. Also yes, Freddie made every single one flip off the camera for pictures. Why? I have no idea but it sure made it fun. Some fully embraced it. Some tried to avoid it, while only a couple got lucky enough to not have to do it. While the rest, freddie made do it and made for a better time. It was really awesome to see unfold as the awards went on. 

This is the last post from me. I will have more posts coming soon through the eyes of our good friend Suu, who lives out in Japan and has helped us with both events. Not only shooting the event but also help to coordinate the show, directing cars and doing the layout. Definitely an awesome guy so please look forward to his pictures soon!

KANPAI!!! Arigatou Gozaimasu.