06 Feb AFFest Japan 2018 – Part 2

What else can I say other than proud, when describing AFFest. We’ve thrown VIPFest for the past 10 years to great success and gained a lot of friends and family from it. We’ve always wanted to grow the event in some way or another. We finally had the chance to do another event every year and we settled on expanding to the motherland, Japan. With the help of many of our friends in Japan, we got it all setup. That’s what you see here, the culmination of our efforts and our friends and family efforts that have helped us tremendously. Without many of them, we really couldn’t do what we’ve done.

That’s also one of the many aspects about throwing this event that we love so much. Sure, the cars are a highlight and we get to see vehicles that we never get to see, because Japan things. But it’s because we get to spend time with people that we’ve only talked to over the internet or only see once or twice a year. We get to hangout, share laughs, and enjoy each others company in one location. We even get to see people that we get to interact with over Social Media and put a face to the name or a face to the car. It becomes humbling in a way. The very limited english or the pointing to the car and understanding everything through facial expression. In the end, we get to “speak” to these people and that’s one of the many joys we get to experience. They tell us their story and we get to see the joy in their eyes and the smiles on their faces. Its very rewarding in every way possible.

I think what also plays into a more “social” type event is the location. It’s an open area, right next to the water. They even have platforms to reenact Titanic “king of the world” moments with your friends if you so choose too. It’s also right next to a mall so there’s plenty of things to do. Such go inside to grab some food, then come back and enjoy the show rejuvenated and ready for more. On top of it being a free event for those just wanting to attend the show, it just opens itself up for people to be very casual. Where people aren’t pressured to just walk through the event at their leisure and talk to vendors in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s just pure and simple and that’s what we like.

This wraps up part 2. Enjoy part 3 very soon!