01 Feb AFFest Japan 2018 – Part 1

Now that roll in was done, we can get on to the event as a whole! We’re very proud for what we were able to accomplish. Hundreds of vehicles came to our event in support of us. We even had some return from last year. We couldn’t have been happier at the result. We even had many of our vendors come out and show us support. Many have returned from last year and we had some new ones join the fray. On top of it all, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. The sun was shining and it wasn’t as cold as we had expected. We were truly lucky and blessed to have an amazing day.

Beyond being proud of what we were able to accomplish, we truly are amazed by which cars actually come to our event. Japan events usually have a singular theme. Whether it be a VIP show, a USDM show or a Honda event, japan events tend to stick to a singular theme. We wanted to be different. This was also part of the reason why we changed the event name from VIPFest to AFFest. We want variety at our event. We want to see the best of what Japan has to offer in all its forms. We love all styles. So thats why i’m glad we get some of the extremes from a variety of cultures. From the Prius on Porsche wheels and a crazy audio setup to the extreme Q45 where they moved the gas tank and removed the floors. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but both available at our event. It really was dope to see a little bit of everything that truly encompasses what kind of event we are


As I mentioned before, the support that we get from our vendors is phenomenal. We have companies like Aimgain, who did TAS a week before ours, come out to our event and be a vendor. It truly honors us to have people like that at our event. But it’s not just them, many of the other vendors had also attended TAS and still came to ours to show some love. Not all of them are local either. We had vendors come from all different cities across Japan just for our event. Many of them at least a 10-12+ hour drive just to get to Osaka. It’s the dedication to our event that truly makes us happy. So thank you again to all our vendors for coming to our event.

That’s all for part 1, enjoy part 2 and 3 coming up soon!