15 Nov AFFest 2019 – Year 13 Edition

With the passing of the giant headache that is called SEMA, we once again held our 13th annual AFFest, formally VIPFest, at GreenFlash Brewery in our beautiful and ever so sunny hometown of San Diego. The day couldn’t have been any better. The sun was about. People came to enjoy themselves. Our friends and family arrived. That day was a good day

One of the Two SEMA projects we did this year. A S30 beauty that we’re ever so proud of
Just a little bit of the motor. We’ll have more pics and videos of everything as soon as we can!
The second SEMA project for us this year. The 2020 Supra in all her big booty goodness.

Just to rewind a bit, a lot of people always ask us how do we do this? How do we build cars in a little under three months, spend an entire week at SEMA, drive the cars back on a friday night and then still setup and run AFFest on sunday? The answer to that is that we don’t even know ourselves. We kind of just do it. We’ve done this for soooo many years that at this point, it’s become like clockwork. We, and by we, I mean Freddie, tries to do a lot of the prep work way ahead of time. In between the downtime of us working on cars or waiting for parts. So it helps to eliminate some of whats needed to be done ahead of time to give us less things to worry about as the date comes closer. On top of all that, we do get a lot of help from our friends and family, aka our AFFamily. They help us in so many ways and we’re truly blessed to have all of them there with us in our times of need. So shoutout to all of you for being there with us through all the tired and sleepless nights that led up to SEMA and to AFFest. We wouldn’t have made without you guys!

Skyline Mikes beautiful ummm Skyline!
Johns infamous 510 wagon in all it’s glory
Gil aka Gilspiration brought out his 510 for all of us to embrace and enjoy the sight of.
Thank you to Elvin for also bringing his super dope Sunny Truck. Thank you to all the WildCards members for representing the old school!

But on to AFFest because I’m tired of thinking and talking about SEMA. That’s for another time. AFFest as a whole went off without a hitch. We made some changes to how we performed roll in and it really made it so much easier. So I think in the future, all AFFest events are going to be silky smooth and we shouldn’t have any more trouble trying to figure things out. But it also made it easier because a lot of people came when they were supposed to, yay for roll in times/groups, and everyone was super patient with us. It’s usually only Steve and myself arranging the cars so it does take a little bit longer cause we try to accommodate everyone as much as possible. We are limited on space so we try to make it as comfortable with everyone where we can. I think that’s the biggest thing is that we want to make sure whoever we’re parking is good and happy where they are and if changes need to be made, we try to resolve it then and there.

Don’t mind the water spots or dirt for those that saw the car. Jaycray literally drove from Vegas straight to SD the morning of the event. Thankful we have supporters like him that are willing to do the crazy stuff just to be there with us.
Daves dope GT-R we were blessed enough to help with some things on. Love this car everytime we see it.
Kevin from Greddy brought down his EK that made many of us quite happy. I just hope one day our EK will be as beautiful as yours. So hopefully he gives us his fenders. THANKS!
VIP cars are still one of the main focuses of the event and this is one of the many beautiful ones in attendance.

I think the cars this year were some of the best yet. The VIP community is constantly evolving and we’re happy for that. We started off, as a shop at least, doing VIP. So to see it continue and strive even today makes us happy. We still love the style and do appreciate those that are still working on helping the community grow. We will always be here to offer advice and support those that are still doing it. But we also love the car community as a whole. This is why you’ll not only see VIP cars at the event, but also every other style of car as well. From VIP, Euro, JDM, Drift, Old School, you name it we should have it somewhere in attendance. We’re glad that we can help other display what they work hard on and do it in the most relaxing environment possible. I feel like that’s what makes our event so unique. Yah the cars are the reason why we’re all here, but the vibe you get from the event is what makes you keep coming back. I’ve told many people this, but I feel like our event feels like a giant kick back. Everyones happy, chillin, no big ego’s anywhere. Just one big car community enjoying a nice sunday together and enjoying each others time. It’s a beautiful thing and we’re glad we’re the ones to help bring everyone together.

Remember folks, it’s not just ALL VIP cars at our event. We bring in everything. So don’t worry about entering your car. We accept everyone!

The theme this year, personally, I feel like was one of our more successful themes. I think what made it so unique is just that the hands are relatable on so many different fronts. Just thankfully our letters can be easily made up using the hands. But on top of that, the trophies for the winners were some of the BEST ones yet. I kept asking Freddie if we can have one… but I dont think it’s happening. They were for all of ya’ll and not for our personal lives. Still want one though. But the biggest and best was the wheel. Thank you to Lee from BBC86, Built By Chamorroboy86, for helping us create one of the BEST AutoFashion choice award to date. We gave it to our good friend Jay from JDMEGO as he actually showed up to our event for once, which for those that know him understand how amazing that is, but also because he truly deserves it. He’s done so much for us along with the community that if anyone in attendance that day deserved something, it was definitely him. Also, it gave us a chance to embarrass the F&*# out of him and that brings us joy. So not only congrats to him, but also congrats to all the winners as well. Everyone in attendance made it super difficult on who to give the awards to this year and took us a little bit longer than we initially thought to decide on who the eventual winners would be.

AutoFashion Choice award right in the middle and the rest of the awards for all the classes. SO HAPPY how these came out you guys have no idea.

So to end all of this, from all of us at AutoFashion, thank you. Without all of you being there for us and supporting us, we wouldn’t have been able to throw this event. We do this as a thank you to everyone SO YOU BETTER ENJOY IT! But seriously, thank you all. We’ll keep doing this forever and ever for as long as you guys want us to. Til AFFest 14 next year!