12 Aug Affam Fair Day!!!

The San Diego fair is known by many by one thing and one thing only, DEEP FRIED EVERYTHING! I mean of course there’s rides, games, prizes and other foods, but when it all comes down to it, we all get to see what’s the latest and greatest in the deep fried food world and to find out whats new. Some of them are winners, most are very big losers and make instant regret a thing, but it’s an enjoyable time and at least you can say “at least i tried it” right?

I’m a foodie when I can be. So i always try a little bit of everything whenever I get the chance. This year, they delivered on the food deliciousness at the fair. In my personal opinion, they delivered on the greatest thing ever, the Deep Fried Nacho. Pieces of tortilla chips, cheese, batter, deep fried, covered in nacho cheese with jalapeños on top. It was purest form of “i’m a fatty” food that could ever have been developed. I reluctantly shared it with everyone so they can enjoy it as well with me. I really just wanted to eat it all though /sadface.

But then there were not the winners of the fair. Yes, i’m looking at you Kool-Aid Hot Wings. It basically tasted like cherry medicine. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting when I ordered this… but it didn’t make me happy. There was also the sadness that was a Deep Fried Pizza. It was just overly seasoned and salty and didn’t look tasty. Again, one of those, I probably should’ve looked at it before ordering instead of just saying OMG DEEP FRIED PIZZA and ordering it.

But really, after all the food and the fun that it all brings, it really is a time for everyone that goes with us to enjoy themselves and spend time with another. Away from the cars and the joy, and sometimes pain, that it brings and just spend a night out shooting the shit and messing around like a bunch of man-childs. We play games, we conversate, we people watch like champs because some really awkward people go to the fair sometimes. We reminisce about the old times and talk about the future thats ahead of us. We enjoy each others company through and through.

This is why we open it up to everyone that can during the weekday. We like to have moments where we can do any and everything with each other and spend good old quality time due to us always being so busy. So please enjoy this small side of our family together that goes beyond the cars.

AFFAM-Fair-2016-12AFFAM-Fair-2016-13Side note – the ghetto art of both Nelly and Nicolas Cage had to be included because they were just too awesome not to have it in here.