22 Feb AF SuperDope Japan Part 6 – Aimgain we go!!!

With the topsy turvy emotional roller coaster of the previous day, we decided to do something a bit more uplifting, go see car things of course! With that said, we went and visited Aimgain. Aimgain is one of the more infamous kit makers that’s known worldwide. We thankfully got the opportunity to finally visit their shop after always talking about going over the years. I think had good timing as they had somewhat recently moved into a bigger and better location compared to there old spot. I will say that, when I say bigger, I truly mean much much bigger.


The first bodykit I ever had for the GS was from Aimgain. So i’ve always been fan of everything they’ve done for over 10+ years now. They’ve held a special place in my heart because of everything they’ve done and accomplished over the years. Going from clean subtle bodykits for mainly VIPCARS to the wild and crazy with the sport compact cars like the FR-S. They’ve truly grew with what the industry wanted. For that, I can respect them.

Aimgain used to be in a very small facility called Pro Shop Make. It was a small sized shop with one bay and not a ton of room to grow. Since then, they’ve definitely upgraded in a major way. Now, they have the facility you see in the pictures. A massive showroom capable of holding up to 4-5 cars cleanly in the space available. On top of having a wall of wheels that include not only their only wheel designs, but also some of the wheels that they’ve used on their builds. Then, behind the massive counter that can help multiple customers at any given time, is an office space that had multiple desks for what I’m assuming is online sales and anything else related to that. Then they had an open meeting area to discuss practically anything. They also had an upstairs storage area. We didn’t get a peak inside, but it looked like they had promotional stuff inside. This was just one part of their shop.

Outside of the main lobby, was a car storage area that was being used as a mock photoshoot area for the day for their Mercedes. The car storage area could about 8 cars comfortably and still have room to walk around. Right next to the main lobby was their garage area. In it, 4 lifts resides to allow easy access to any of the cars they are working on. Then outside of that, yes it’s this big of a place, was a back area parking lot. Mainly full of customers cars, workers cars, and project/demo cars spread around. Then last but not least, as if this wasn’t enough already, they had 3 bays where they did all there bodykit creation. Molding, designing, etc. All of it was done in these back rooms for the new kits they are designing. No pictures of this. Only because i didn’t feel comfortable potentially exposing something they were working on for a future project. But I will say, they are very meticulous in what they do and it definitely shows in their work.

We want to say a very big THANK YOU to Aimgain for taking care of us and taking us to lunch this day. It was an honor to see how amazing your facility was and the huge improvements you’ve done over the years. We look forward to your future projects and we hope you have continued success.

This ends our daily goings as from this point on, it was just normal food places and nothing really made for a good post. So thank you for following us and look forward to VIPFEST coverage next!