18 Feb AF SuperDope Japan Part 5

Sorry for not continuing these while we were out in Japan. I got kind of busy/tired during the last leg of the trip and wanted to make the most of my time. So I apologize and will finish these up very soon, as there’s basically only a couple posts left. But onto our trip!

This time we visited the amazing Hiroshima. Full of rich history, both good and bad, along with amazing and beautiful landscapes and temples. This is the one area that filled us with the most emotion. We started off the trip by going to Miyajima Island. An island full of deer, the infamous Itsukushima Shrine and the Great Torii Gate. But we had to eat first, like any sane person should. The battle for superior okonomiyaki is very serious. Each area does it slightly differently and since I love the Osaka variant, we had to try the Hiroshima one This was just one of two that we tried during our stay and I will say, that the Osaka one is way better. This wasn’t too bad, it was good. Just that Osaka has better flavors and deliciousness that this one lacks. Same with the takoyaki. It was good but just a bit too much mayo on the inside. Otherwise, we’re glad we at least got to try it and enjoyed the food because no matter what, Japan food will always be tasty

The deer just wanted food vendor man! Give em some!

First things first, we had to ride a boat to get to the island itself. It was cool cause it was a quick 5ish min trip across the water, with people bringing their cars across as well. It was a refreshing, quick ride that was fun. Now for the more interesting bit, the deer. The deer free roam in all of Miyajima Island. Of course, the sad part is that they saw off their antlers, but that’s a whole other story. It was my first time seeing the deer in Japan as i’ve never gone to Nara where everyone else has gone to feed them and enjoy their existence. So for this being my first time, I basically turned into a 5yr old. Watching them roam, sit, and basically do their own thing while everyone else gawks and tries to pet them. I fully enjoyed all of it in so many ways.

Next up was the Great Torii Gate. One of the most magnificent gates i’ve been witness to while out here. Standing at just over 54 feet tall and weighing 60 tons, it was beautiful. Just a massive Torii gate, in the middle of the water, it was amazing to see. The best part, which unfortunately we were unable to do as it was high tide, was that during low tide you can actually walk out to see the gate from ground level. I actually wanted to see it during high tide cause I wanted to witness it when it was full of water and I got my wish. 

The Itsukushima Shrine crest. Amazing design.

For the final destination of Miyajima Island, we went to Itsukushima Shrine. This was probably another one of my favorites. It can be considered a “floating” shrine as when the tide is high enough, the water goes just below the decks and the shrine looks as if it’s just sitting on the top water. This one had such a traditional setup, with the beautifully formed architecture and smaller shrines everywhere. It was a nice and beautiful experience for us all. 

Finally, the most heartfelt, sorrowful portion of the trip. After viewing everything at the amazing Itsukushima Shrine and the Great Torii gate, we rode the boat back and drove a little ways back to visit the Hiroshima Bomb Memorial site. The emotional side of all this didn’t really hit me until we finally went into the memorial itself. I really urge everyone to make it out to the memorial to see the historical side of such a tragic event. Everything from understanding how the bomb went off to the after effects of the city and to the people and buildings. The craziest example was the “People Shadows” that got burned into the ground. They had a couple examples of what this was. Basically, for people that were close enough to the blast, people’s bodies had disintegrated, but because of the way they were positioned or how it just worked out, their shadows remained and burned into the ground. Forever leaving their mark on the world It was interesting and terrifying all at the same time that something like that was possible. I left that place learning and understanding a lot more about it than I ever had before. It brought out a lot of sadness in me but it’s a part of our history and so I glad I have more understanding.

Oh! And we found a claw game where you could win bikini’s/panties. It was interesting. Thanks for the memories Hiroshima!

With that, this ends part 5! One more part before we show our VIPFEST Coverage and Osaka Auto Messe coverage so stay tuned!