06 Feb AF SuperDope Japan Part 3

This was a fun set of days for us. Lots of things to enjoy and sight see and I can’t wait to share it all with you. First of all, let me start by saying that one of my ALL TIME favorite japanese foods is the japanese pancake, okonomiyaki. Each area has their own version of it, but after trying a couple different ones, the Osaka one is my top favorite of forever. It just has the right amount of everything that I’ve grown to love and expect out of it. So unless there’s one you find better, Osaka style will always win!

After the deliciousness that was okonomiyaki, and the food coma that it provides, it was off to go the Mooneyes distributor of Osaka, World Corporation. This was an awesome shop that represented Mooneyes in so many awesome ways. From the Hot Rod and American stylings to the nostalgia pieces that only Mooneyes can produce. Tons of little knick knacks were all over the place. They even had Mexican blankets or should I say “US Blankets”. What made the shop even more amazing was the fact that it’s father and son owned. Talking with them really shows that both of them really care for the scene and everything it stands for. Seeing a father and son business in this day and age is truly awesome.

As much fun as we were having at World, it was time to say goodbye and off to our next adventure. Thankfully Osaka is home to a ton of things to do. With us being car people, there just so happens to be a museum just for us. The Glion Museum rests in the heart of Osaka and is home to a variety of car both old and new. When I say old, trust me, they’re some of the OG cars made when cars first started being invented. Model T’s and some of the very first cars were all on display. It was a nice change of pace for us. Constantly and always seeing modified vehicles from every discipline imaginable then to see them in their stock form is almost night and day for us. So, as much as we do enjoy seeing modified vehicles, along with working on them ourselves, it was nice to have a change of pace and see how it all started.

PeRfection. GT-R’s always provide such beauties for the eyes to see.

OG’s finest rides. Craftsmanship and beauty all in one package.

The color on this one was one of my favorites.

They had these miniature sets that someone had hand built. There were maybe 20+ of these all in one section of the museum. All just as dope as this one is. I really wish I could’ve bought one of these.

Old and New. Love both in so many ways.

Lots of OS Giken love at the Glion Museum. Enough to even have a Glion X OS Giken vehicle on display. Not that i’m complaining, I just love everything OS Giken!

After navigating our way through the endless museum, Hiro took us to one of the more famous areas in Osaka. Not because it’s a landmark or anything extra special historically, but because it’s one of the few places by the water that many many photographers do photoshoots at. After stopping by the dock, I can see why. When we pulled up, there were at least 3 motorcycle groups all taking pictures here. It was beautiful. It provided a city skyline backdrop or a beautiful bridge. Either way, it was mesmerizing.

It also helps when you have such a beautiful model.

Or two…

And of course, a random Alphard that was hanging out on the port. No clue who the owner was, but we think he was one of the drivers or workers in the area. Either way, a dope van was around and we took a picture of it.

This wraps up part 3 and we’ll have part 4 up very soon as we’ve been adventuring all around Japan!