02 Feb AF Super Dope Japan Part 2

Now, these posts aren’t necessarily a days worth of events. Some may be a whole day, some might be a combination of days. But that’s ok, because at least we have the opportunity to share some of the sights that we’re doing on a somewhat daily basis haha. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. But after the amazing time of Universal Studios and hanging out with our ohana from Southsiiiiide, it was time to say goodbye. They had about a 6-7 hour drive all the way from Osaka to Shizuoka while trailering their amazing EF Wagon. Tons of details on this car that I’m sure many might miss. I need to do a photoshoot of this car someday just to show how awesome it is.

Then it was off to the trains! We a took a train down to Nipponbashi, or Den-Den-Town as many call it, to go and enjoy what I, Kevin, love most, Anime/Video Games/Toys in one amazing area. Den-Den-Town, aka Electric City, is well known as the “otaku” central. Almost every building in this area caters to Toys, Video Games and Anime in every way possible. Can walk into one store and see everything Gundam. Then walk into the next store and it’s all Anime. Then walk into the next and it’s all retro toys and new toys. If you’re a fan of anything Anime/Video Games/Toys, you need to visit this area. I think we spent literally 5 hours here and still didn’t go to every store. It was my mini heaven.

This sword from the show “Garo” was amazeballs. I soooooo wanted to buy it. But I don’t have that kind of money so I sighed and moved on.

A bunch of toys all doing the Micheal Jackson pose? Yes please!

Gunpla, which is basically gundam toy building is HUGE in Japan, obviously so. So many people have turned this hobby into a fine art. So no matter where you go, expect to see Gundam. I’m definitely ok with this.

It’s crazy the amount of random things you’ll see passing by stores and walking down aisles of different shops. From the random life size Iron Man to the creepiness of a Pee Wee Herman doll at the top of a counter, this place truly doesn’t ever disappoint me. This being the second time coming here, I definitely got to see more this time around than last. I really wanted to enter every shop but time was ticking and I had to make decisions. I need more time here dammit. TAKE MY MONEY!

Seriously. Look at this thing. Judging you as you walk by and potentially leaping out of the box to stab you. I’ll never trust this thing. Ever.

Low key one of my favorite pictures. A line of toys, giving gifts to the queen herself, Harley Quinn. Then the one trooper hoping his gift will be the gift of the forever.

But for sure, none will ever match the awesomeness that is Vegeta. He just loves too much.

In the US, Arcades are more or less a thing of the past. They just flat out don’t exist at the same level that Japan has it. Japan has the arcade scene on lock. Literally every style game is separated by floors. For example, Floor 1 will be all crane style games to win prizes. Floor 2 will be fighting games. Floor 3 will be music/rhythm games. Floor 4 will be card games. Yes, card games It’s a mix of arcade awesome and card strategy. Look up Lord of Vermilion 3. If I could’ve understood what was happening and how to play, I would’ve at least liked to try it out. Floor 5 would then be something else I can’t remember at this time. As a big music/rhythm fan, I definitely spent most of my time there playing Beatmania IIDX.

Then last but not least, my favorite store. The Retro Game store. Lots of old games and systems are found here. I always come here because I wanted to complete my PS2 Beatmania IIDX collection. I ended up buying like 6 or 7 of them this day because they were all pretty cheap. But I loved walking around here because there’s so many games from my childhood that I nostalgia over. It truly is exciting to see games you grew up playing all around you. Then there’s the insanely absurd rare games you see popping up from time to time. For example, in the RockMan 4 game you see below, that $6280 price tag has a very valid reason. Apparently, only 8 version of that specific RockMan 4 were made. It was for a contest that let people design/create the 8 bosses. Every winner got this specific cartridge and that’s what makes it rare. 8 winners. 8 cartridges available and this store has one.

Oh! And of course, no trip through Den-Den-Town is complete without a Taiyaki, a fish shaped dessert filled with sweets. This time, we had Red Bean and Sweet potato. So damn good especially as the night got colder and colder.

That concludes Part 2! I hope you enjoyed our, well more like mine, trip to Den-Den-Town!