31 Jan AF Super Dope Japan Part 1

I know our first post should be everything related to VIPFEST Japan, but that’s going to make some time for me to edit and thoroughly make my posts about it. So in the meantime, I think it’d be best to post our Japan outings for now then finish it all up with VIPFEST! After VIPFEST, we felt like we needed some relaxing time and just enjoy ourselves regardless of what it was. So with that, we slowly made our way out to Universal Studios Japan! There were some interesting things to see on the way there, such as this 2 story Mcdonalds that is so rare to see in the US, besides the one in SD. On top of it, this could well be someone’s home. It’s so damn fancy.

And of course, we couldn’t make out trek out there without the essentials. Flavored water, this time Pear, and one of the most delicious coffees i’ve had.

When we finally arrived, we wanted to eat a quick lunch since for many of us, we hadn’t really eaten yet and by the time we got there, it was already lunch time and it made the most sense. While at the city walk area, we stopped by Mos Burger. A pretty dominant chain of burger places spread all across Japan that offers a solid variety of delicious burgers and sandwiches. While a little on the small side, compared to what we normally get in the US, it’s still really really good and made for a good lunch. Like this shrimp cutlet sandwich I got. Now it’s making me want another.

Universal Studios City Walk has the most legit display. I don’t care what anyone says

For many of us, well let’s just say everyone except Hiro, this is the first time we’ve been to Universal Studios Japan. So being able to share this time with every made it that much more special.

One of the many themed rides that are specific only to Japan. This was one of the main rides I really wanted to ride but due to time, and this being an almost 2 hour wait, it didn’t happen. But I didn’t mind at all.

That face you make when you can’t even hit the cans on a minion game and just completely hit the stand…

Green Tea Churros, or Churritos as they called them, were ok… Only because it was basically matcha green tea powder over a chocolate churro, which was a little strange. I’d still probably eat another haha.

I didn’t think I would actually go to Harry Potter land in Japan before i’d ever even go to the one in the US. But it happened and I was beyond happy. It felt almost surreal. The actors, performances, the architecture; everything was perfect. The ride was so dope, weird because all the words were in japanese, but the experience of flying all over hogwarts and different scenes from the movie were spectacular. Need to go on the US one so I can understand what they were saying haha.

He was so excited to ride Harry Potter. Can’t you tell!

Since anime is everywhere in Japan, they had a special “Cool Japan” area at Universal Studios that had major Anime shows/attractions. Like for Attack on Titan, they had this awesome, life size titan on display that you can take pictures with. You damn well that we even did one. They even had a Monster Hunter Real theater show that I went to. It was… ok. Not worth the wait to check it out but as a Monster Hunter Fan, I enjoyed it because it was a cool CGI movie.

Then after the festivities and fun that was Universal Studios Japan, it was dinner time. Nothing greater than yakiniku, or JBBQ. Hiro and his family had taken us here last time we were out here. So i’m thankful that he took us here again because it was one of my favorite meals.

That ends part 1 of our trip. Please look forward to the next one!