27 Jan A quick trip through JCCS 2017

JCCS is one of the more wholesome shows one can go to. A humbling experience as it takes us through the past vehicles that helped to define our culture today. Not only does it take us through a time warp of vehicles 25yrs and older, but also through the styles and designs that made our industry shine. Just machines many of us grew up with and helped to shape us into the car maniacs that we are. Unfortunately, due to circumstances of us needing to be back at the shop, we were only able to stay there for a little over a hour, but we tried to make the most of it.

Walking up and down the rows of vehicles, you get a sense of pride with each vehicle. Many of the cars on display are even some of the original owners. Having the same car for years on end and still, as pristine as the day they bought it, its a beautiful thing. Modifications come in various styles as well, but each one unique to each individual and each car. It makes for some interesting results. Interesting only because there’s a style that will appease at least someone going. Making them go “ooohhh look at that” as they go up to the car to get a closer look and absorb everything thats going on.

I think thats part of the beauty and wonder of events like this. Walking around, seeing cars that some of your older friends had or even some your parents had. It helps to rekindle old memories that only you can share with certain people. It’s one of the more fun events thats full of culture and history and we’re definitely looking to hopefully join in on the festivities ourselves one day with our own car. Till next time!