So in April I was making my way to Osaka Japan early for WekFest Japan on a Solo mission. I usually come out for work, but dont get me wrong I love my job and love the opportunities I get to have.  This year I came a little early because I had to be back in the states to be at Eibach’s 13th Annual Honda Meet.  I really wanted to get some other stuff done but with the amount of work that had to be done for WekFest Japan, I didnt get a chance to do much. I’m sorry that I dont have much coverage of each event because I was busy helping with the prep.  Since I was in Japan solo, I didnt have Kevin around to take the pictures so I ended up doing the coverage.  I am no professional and had to borrow a Camera from Hiro and didnt know how to use it since it was all in Japanese for the menus hahaha. While I was out here we got invited to this  FT86/BRZ Show and Track event called the 86/BRZ SONIC.  It was presented by our good friend Takeda from YURA-MODE and it sure did not let us down.  With all the events during the Spring Season im sure its a really hard to even get many cars to come out to an event.  This type of event is more catered to the enthusiast and an all around fun time.

Here is the man of the hour or should I say Day! Even though he looks angry this guy is all smiles and jokes. Takeda from Yura-Mode has been a long time friend and we will always try our best to be out at his events through rain or snow (last drift event in January =p) 

Events out in Japan always have great Vendors.  The vendors are actually manufactures not just shops.  Here we have Project Mu and also had Nomuken aka Drift Monkey with his company URAS also out here.

So this just got weird… Not really I mean come on its Japan! We think everything is weird just because we dont understand it. But this is a little weird because it was a guys car not a girl that was placing the dolls in different positions on different parts of the car through out the day.

From what I was told but might have been mixed up in translation, this was the fastest car on the track that day.  I didnt get to see the times but it sure did look like one of the fastest cars there.

So when this car rolled in he came pretty late.  The story was that since he drives so low that his rear bumper came off on the highway while he was in traffic. Once he had a chance to get out of traffic, he had to go back and get his bumper and sit in traffic all over again.  I guess thats the life of living low hahaha.

This is me trying to shoot track side with a Super Wide Angle lens hahaha.  Not to shabby since Its been a long time since I actually took pictures.

This car from Sato Auto was one of my favorites there.  It was clean and simple and the owner was a nice guy.  Dont remember his name because Im really bad with names hahaha.

Even the Kuhl Racing FRS came out to play in the fun in the sun!

If you were at the event you would of saw these cute Chibee’s helping out in the roll in process.  I dont have much to say but that Im tired and a little jet lagged so please enjoy the rest of the photos in the gallery.  If you see your picture of your car please tag us if you re-post the pictures so we can see who the owners are of the cars.   Thank You for your time and next we will have Wekfest Japan Coverage =)

Thanks – Freddie