19 May 13th Annual Eibach Honda Meet Part 2

As always, we had an amazing time at Eibach Honda Meet. Super fun hanging out with everyone again as we rarely get to see some of the fine folks that joined us this day. It truly is impressive what Eibach has been able to accomplish and how massive the event gets year to year. Beyond the vendor section, the amount of Honda’s that show on the other side is just so massive. I literally walked for hours up and down the aisles just to see it all. There were just so many. Along with so many impressive built ones as well.

Enough of my rambling. Please enjoy the pics!

Still one of our favorites from Loi of SportCar Motion.

Leon’s dooope NSX. Been building it over the years and it just constantly improves and gets better. Even in this state, he’s still going to change stuff up! It also recently got shot for Super Street so a huge congrats on that!

Always love seeing fixed up Odyssey’s in any shape or form.

Props to this person for willing to display all the dope wheels like this. Classics for sure.

Clean and simple. Also a definite nice color combo going on.

So many of these nice wagons all around the event. Definitely put a smile on our faces as we love these models.

Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the wheel stance, this was just immaculate.

Was really interesting to see this setup with the see through hood.

This wraps up part 2 of the 13th Annual Eibach Honda Meet. Hope you enjoyed the coverage! Till next time.