16 May 13th Annual Eibach Honda Meet Part 1

As Honda fans, we look forward to this event every year. Not only because we ourselves help do the music and announcements from our booth, but because we enjoy seeing all the awesome cars every year. This year, the Eibach Honda meet was held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. Ever since the event has outgrown it’s capacity at the Eibach facilities, they’ve been trying to find a venue that works best for them. Storm stadium was a good fit, but it was OK at best. But now this year, having it at Auto Club Speedway felt just right.

The reason why I say it felt right was just the general flow of the event. General parking was on one side. So as soon as they parked, they walked straight into the vendor area. Visiting all the vendor booths along with seeing all the vendor cars is a great way to start the event. Then as soon as you finish up the vendor area, a plethora of Hondas await you on the other side. It just made the most sense for an event as you get to see everything in one straight line. Definitely made it easier for us being right in the middle of everything too so we can announce everything just as easily.

Of course, for many including myself, the highlight of the my day was to actually see the new Civic Type R on display. My god how I want this car. All the videos of it that have appeared, including it holding the record at Nurburgring for fasted FF vehicle by 7 seconds ahead of the previous record holder, aren’t helping. It’s just beautiful in every way. I just really want to lower it and put TE’s on it and just drive around enjoying my day haha.

Someone get us one. Please. I’ll love you forever.

Another car i’ve kind of always wanted. This exact same look is all i would want too. Beautiful Mugen RSX and some TE’s? What more would you want!

Another car i enjoyed on so many levels. This TSX wagon not only had everything Mugen, but was even supercharged. So much want. So much.

Even the Euro Type R, or at least previous one, looked just as good.

Spoon all the things! Loved the setup on this CRX.

Shoutout to the home skillet Calvin for reppin us on his dope fit. <3

That wraps up part 1 of our coverage! Part 2 will be coming up very soon. Please tag us in any pictures that you share! Enjoy!

*Note – Please ignore the filenames… I fucked up and forgot to rename them to eibach… yah…