03 Aug 12th Annual Eibach Honda Meet

The Eibach Honda meet is definitely not for the feint of heart as this single event,¬†brings hundreds upon hundreds of every make/model that Honda has graced us with to one location for a splendid day of car porn. Yes, Honda carporn in all it’s glory. If you are in the Honda Scene and live in SoCal, you have to have gone to the Eibach meet as this event single handedly trumps every other Honda meet possible. Even if you don’t live in SoCal, you have to be here for this event every year.

You have people that travel from across the world, yes the world, to come to this meet to enjoy all things Honda. People from East coast have appeared. People from Japan have appeared. Literally, the Eibach Meet has become a global phenomenon that just keeps growing every year. And as it grows, we will continue to support it every way that we possibly can. The Honda scene is where we started. It was our vehicle of choice growing up in the car scene. So to see this scene thrive all the way to present day, you just know it’s something special. We’re also thankful that the fine folks of Eibach and the Eibach Meet organizers allow us to provide the music and the mic to everyone that goes.

We’re thankful and proud to go to the Eibach meet every year. We’ve seen it outgrow it’s location many a times and hopefully it doesn’t stop and could potentially even outgrow that location. That will truly be a crazy day when it could potentially out grow Storm Stadium. No matter what though, we will be here along side Eibach and it’s organizers for as long as possible as we will always support them and the Honda scene as a whole. Enjoy!

Also, just as a side note, I apologize for not taking pictures beyond the vendor area. I promise next year, i’ll do a better job and get coverage of the entire event. – AFSpecialK